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Medin-CNO Non-invasive High-frequency Ventilator

It can meet all the needs of current non-invasive respiratory support in NICU, provides the most comprehensive respiratory support modes in a clinical setting, and has excellent usability and innovation. It is the new standard for neonatal non-invasive ventilation treatment.

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■One set of tubing system meeting a variety of ventilation needs under different modes, which reduces tubing replacement and makes the treatment more efficient and convenient.
■First non-invasive ventilator in the world including continuous positive airway pressure ventilation (nCPAP), apnea ventilation mode (ApneaCPAP), bi-level positive pressure ventilation (NIPPV), synchronized bi-level positive pressure ventilation (SNIPPV) and non-invasive high frequency oscillation ventilation (NHFOV).
■Continuous positive airway pressure mode (CPAP) providing real-time monitoring of leakage compensation to ensure the treatment effect of CPAP.
■Safe apnea ventilation mode (Apnea CPAP): providing apnea monitoring in CPAP mode for children with intermittent apnea. When apnea occurs, NIPPV ventilation provides backup controlled ventilation.
■Unique synchronous bi-level positive pressure ventilation mode (SNIPPV) providing two different auxiliary ventilation levels through synchronous trigger of respiratory pressure, capable of providing respiratory support and better man-machine coordination for children with spontaneous breathing but insufficient respiratory compensation function, reducing the human-machine confrontation in the process of using CPAP.
■Non-invasive high frequency oscillation ventilation: Most effective ventilation mode for the treatment of NRDS at present, which can quickly remove the CO2 trapped in the lungs, achieves both active inhalation and exhalation processes, and has small tidal volume and high ventilation frequency.

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