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PLS Smart Lifting System

PLS provides ceiling hoist solutions to transfer patients, safely, for every ceiling and situation. This applies to hospitals, nursing homes, domestic environments, patient wards and public areas. The system also applies to training in rehabilitation, and weight loss gait.

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The maximum weight of the product is 260KG, which provides a safety guarantee for transshipment.
It is equipped with four point hanging clothes, electric derrick, one-click operation. It can be applied to different occasions, such as helping patients toilet, bath, wheelchair transport:, etc., helping nursing staff efficient nursing transshipment work done,at the same time, also protecting the nursing staff of the lumbar spine, and avoiding the patient may be secondary damage in transit.
With lifting function, it can be used in the rehabilitation department to reduce weight gait training, to help patients with tertiary muscle strength to carry out active training; Or to instruct patients who are sane and whose condition permits to train in an unlimited area.
it is possible to cross a door with a doorway header. Provides a professional safe transfer lifting solution for different scenarios.

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