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TR3400 Shower Trolleys

The TR 3400 Shower trolley is unique with its side-mounted column,
allowing the trolley stretcher to overlap the bed further for a safe and easy Efficient Showering at its best person transfer. It makes easier for the attendant to handle the person during transfer.

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The foot operated height adjustable stretcher enables the attendant to find the most efficient and convenient working height and gives the attendant both hands free to tend to patient.
Thanks to the belt driven high/low device on the TR3400 it operates quietly, smoothly and free from sudden movements. Two high capacity rechargeable batteries drive the height adjustment and when charging is needed an audible tone sound.
The stretcher can easily be tilted to the” Trendelenburg” position, to alleviate person in shock, in either direction with the tilt control handle located at both ends. The tilt position is controlled by gas springs so that the attendant has in finite tilt positions within the tilt range.

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