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Sponge Mattress

Meddo Offers a high quality, and easy to use foam sponge mattress, cater to all healthcare requirement levels, according to patient needs, thereby helping to ensure effective pressure ulcer prevention and treatment. Not only meet the needs of hospital, healthcare facility but also for home care residents/ patients and caregivers. CE TUV Certification to ensure quality.

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Function Is Introduced
■ Castellations of variable depths covering head, shoulder, torso, calves and heels – create five zones of protection.
■ Largest contact area with patient body and provides great support. Improves clinical utility.
■ Fits the shape of the user’s body; reduces any high pressure possibility on apophasis.
■ Maintains air flow to reduce heat and moisture development, to provide a comfortable sleeping environment.
■ No electrical requirement, keeps the user safe.
■ Complies with the international standard of fire resistance.
■ CPR applicable, X-ray compatible.
■ Different kinds of hardness on two sides, both sides are usable.
■ With fiber mattress, no power consumption, noise-free, maintenance-free, and outperforming airbed.
■ Dimensions are customizable.
■ High-performing foam, reducing sinking possibility; outstanding lifetime.
■ Environment-friendly and recyclab

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